I feel the need to take photos to show others situations I experience which spoken words cannot describe.​​​​​​​ 
Awards & Mentions:
IPA 2021 Honorable Mention - People, Street Photography
IPA 2021 Honorable Mention - Architecture, Buildings​​​​​​​
ND Awards 2021 Honorable Mention - Architecture, Other category
ND Awards 2021 Honorable Mention - Special, Street Photography category
German Youth Photo award main prize 2022

2021 "sick of being home" at BerlinPhotoWeek
2021 "sick of being home" at Zeitmagazin Instagram
2021 "Almighty FW21/22" at hypebeast.com
2022 "homesick" at Tagespiegel Berlin 
2022 feature of"homesick" at "Der Greif" Guestroom 

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